Big Moves & New Views

The past several months since June The Chrysalis blog alongside the Saturniidae Mouth Press website as a whole has been silent like a snow covered morning.

Dowko and I have been on a small creative hiatus traveling to parts unknown to see what there is to see and write what there is to write. Those of you that are sticking with us as we sporadically update and maintain this blog and the Saturniidae Mouth Press page we are forever humbled and grateful.

That said, an update is absolutely in order! The last post came from Dowko on the trail as he has been hiking through the Appalachian the past several months when he’s had internet he’s posted some great lines on twitter (@TDowko )

As for myself, I’ve been in the process of moving to Japan. I arrived about a month ago and have been adjusting ever since to not only the culture of Japan, but the culture of the country side.

I am currently living and working on a organic farm in the mountains of Japan. Here and there I teach English to the local farmers’ children and some of the adults interested in practicing English they learned way back in High School or College. Primarily though, I am working at having a more sustainable life that takes into account the importance of our natural environment.

I grew up in the city and know very little about the countryside of America let alone Japan, but after being inspired on many hikes through the Rocky’s and my own friend’s trail adventure through Appalachian, I decided it was time for me to learn.

After being here for a month, I’ve only just scratched the surface of the world of natural farming. My most recent project is creating small scale No Dig Gardens using the natural fertilizer of our farm’s chickens.  I highly recommend checking out the following article on the subject if interested: 

Lately, I’ve had a lot of time for reflection. You may see my poetry on twitter taking a turn for the absurd and the anti-nuclear. This is directly related.

I believe the main reason I’ve taken this big move is because of my developing frustration with the governments of the world continued maintenance of nuclear weapons and nuclear power even following the most recent treaties and international agreements.

Instead of nurturing that frustration to anger with my government’s leadership. I’ve taken a new view, toward positive peace. Although the change, and impact may be small I want to nurture understanding between cultures and unite against destruction big and small by creating something that can shared and enjoyed.

Instead of being frustrated with the growing isolationism and neo-imperialism of the global-industrial complex. I am dedicated to using the opportunities I’ve been provided to support small town internationalism and sustainable nature conscious living. Not only through my work on the farm but also through creating and continuing to share art and poetry.

Those of you writing poetry and creating art to make the world a more interesting and accepting place, you are a part of this movement for positive peace. Even if you feel the world is grim destructive mess, keep writing, only through communication and international exchange will we make a more understanding and empathetic world.

Those of you who may interested in our next call for submissions I am hoping to confer with Dowko over the next month and have a new page up for submissions by the end of November. Also, keep your eyes peeled for the digital release of our first edition of our poetry collection Mouths. We have some great poets who have poured their heart out to help people better understand humanity, and that’s just amazing.


On the wing of every plane that brought me here.

I run through mud in old skateboarding shoes

seeds of grim vines stick to my sole

I make large statements about politics

then hide in the mountain spider web

even here I am not safe from the destructive Tridents

even here I am a representative of humanity

where ever you are be there.

whoever you are be you.

go to work at the local supermarket

tell one person you don’t know

that you like their sweater

let them know you noticed them

let them know their human


let them know you’re human too.


~Andrew Spence @EditorSpence

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