Having Something to Say

First I get it down on the screen. I always hesitate while I write and I’m trying to fix this. I had a music teacher once, piano, her name was Miss Miller. She was a great pianist and helped me to learn a skill that I’ve never forgotten: how to read music. Another lesson that has stuck with me, is the “fake it till you make it” technique. I’m paraphrasing, but I think it applies to writing as well. Every time that I would hit the wrong piece of ivory and that sound would just sound awful, she would tell me to just keep rolling with the next note. Don’t stop and try to correct yourself, just keep going and finish the damn song! I really think that this applies to most things creative.

After you get it down on paper, bury it and go do something else. Come back later, I call this the “oven technique”. Let those words rise in the oven. Come back later and check on it and see if it still has meaning to you. Then edit out all the things that do not make sense. Fix all your grammatical and spelling errors. Make sure that you have something to say with your prose. Is the message that you intended still present?

I’ll leave you with these couple of techniques to mull over and I’ll be honest, I’m still trying to learn them. I’ve yet to achieve flow state by writing. I’m like a truck getting stuck in the mud, more or less, I’m off-roading when I write. Some day, just maybe, I’ll be a train and make it to the station.

I hope that you find some happiness in what you are doing or not doing today. It’s better to write nothing then to write horribly.

Yours truly


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