Dowko Update2

Fold me here.

Fold me there.

Fold me everywhere.

I’ve been doing well in the new year, 3019, excuse me, 2009, wait wait… 2019, ehhm.

I’ve written one thing on Twitter. Boom. Sincerely nothing to worry about. I have penned a few letters, which need to be sent in the post.

Hoping you are being creative!

My shopping cart was being wheeled around Wal-Mart the other day, and I thought of the readers here. I was sending those thoughts out in high hopes that your grocery carts were full as well.

I also have an update on Jeff. Him and I are buddies now. We are creating a pathway to each other’s units in the alleyway behind the complex building . Shhhh don’t tell Andrew,the landlord.

Here at SMP we are working on another issue of Mouths. I hope you guys had a blast reading issue 1, I thought it was trash, but then again, I didn’t really read it either. 😉

If you have been looking for a home for your new or old work, send it in. We’ll at least, light it on fire,and dance in circles around it.

Here’s some free poetry to sign me out. I’ll update you again real soon.

I’ve Never Had

A rhythm in mind,

which didn’t turn to dance.

Dance, dance the day away.

Clang your chains


Travel upwards

to your toes

let the song

your father sung

travel into the world.

Yours truly,


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