Dowko Update 3

I’m excited to share that the SMP is going to start accepting submissions for our upcoming issue, Mouths Vol. II. If you or your terrible friends and enemies are roasting some vegetables over a campfire and wish to sprout some lyrics, do it! Then type out your words and send them to the SMP for our review. Publishing details are coming soon, please start to harvest your words from the world like a squirrel hides nuts for the winter.

Well, back on track, squeezing air out of my tires, running on fumes, yet the radio still blarin’.

There is a male American Cardinal who took residence on my back patio the other day. I noticed him sleeping on a perch one of the previous tenants left behind. I watched him sleep with interest, and wondered if he met up with the female who flutters around the bushes in the yard.

Jeff is well by the way, Janice, his wife is madly in love with him and he cannot get enough of her either. He’s currently taking all the components out of an old microwave, working some kinda rigamarole to produce a work of recycling.

I’ve been practicing the piano. I hope you all find joy in the near future, in music. It is a deeply ingrained part of my cultural life. My favorite thing about the piano is the weight of keys, under my fingers, the sound, and the reading of notes on page.

Writing Tip: take your time today, pause and reflect before you put your fingers to machine.

Through My Eyes

Red, blue, yellow.

Primary colors,

Seen and unseen,

Create your vision.

Oh cardinal!

How your wings,

Tuck into sleeves,

Perched for all to see.

Oh cup!

How you overflow,

Filling me with


Oh painting!

How you please

My eyes

With hues and shade.

Once again,

I’m sad to go.

I will fit this,

In a poem.

Yours truly,


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