Dowko Update #6


my love i love to

drink from the deep bottle

my own feet soaked


Happy St. Paddy’s to you all! You all will be Irish for one day, whether you love green or no, have fun and be safe.

So, the train is moving down the line, I stayed with my sister for a couple weeks, I’ve been writing a series on Love. Styled similar to Emily Dickinson’s anthology. I’m currently staying with my Aunt who lives in a nice ranch style house, she is special to me, she is taking me in for a few weeks till I can meet my friend and couch surf with her for awhile.

Recently I performed Jack Maverick’s poem from Mouth’s Issue one, “Adult Mammals”. It was at the Motr Pub, in Cincinnati, speaking of which, the SMP is working on the digital publication of poetry recording of the poets who submitted. The poems will be recorded and a link will be set here for you all to watch.

I’m excited to announce that on March 20th, my first poetry series will be self published on It’s entitled “Little Palace Bigger Face” it will be a free downloadable PDF. I will set up a link on SMP for those of you who are interested in my words.

Writing tip: If the thoughts start to flitter, take a walk and flutter.

Awaken to Dawn

I rise, with these words, each day.

“Today’s gonna be a good day.”

It’s a softly spoken thing.

Sent out in vibrations.

For anyone listening.

I don’t expect anything.

Some days are good.

Other days are bad.

But, still I rise,

The next day,

To stand outside,

And say:

“Today’s gonna be a good day.”


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