Dowko Update #8

So the SMP wants to thank everyone who has been submitting poetry to the website. Our inbox overflows like the sand in a high tide.

I just want everyone to know that just because it’s hot outside does not mean that I’ve been indoors all summer. I’ve stepped out of the front door a couple of times, mainly for food and supplies.

An update on my writing: I have nothing for you. Zilch, nil, zero words have been written by yours truly since my last update, which must have been months ago.

I’ve been on a solo journey to learn how to be comfortable in doing nothing. That sounds strange, but I’ve learned to be comfortable doing nothing. In the past I always kept myself distracted shuffling around and doing this hobby or that.

I can say that my summer has been one of self reflection and progress in self discovery. And I didn’t write a single word about it.

But my thoughts are swirling back to me and we here at the SMP have a surprise for our readers coming soon, TBA, of course.

For those of you who are following my journey, I am currently living with my parents, again. I’m not even ashamed at this point. It’s so normalized for me to have to depend on them that I’ve become desensitized to the normalized stereotypes.

Writing tip: Do it outside.

Much love from Dowko and Spence.

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