Dowko Update #10

Fellow readers, greetings and thank you for following and reading this blog for the tenth release!

I’ll get what you all came for, out of the way early:

Writer’s Tip: Schedule your time of day you can find peace and quiet and keep doing it till the time slot expands with your writing.

I hope your pantry’s are full, your pens are flowing and you’re gardens are in full bloom.

I’m doing great! I’m working on your guys’ special surprise, along with Editor Spence, who is doing well I might add.

I am also working on a new novella, which I won’t get too much into here because it is fresh. Ok, I’ll post a little about it.

It follows a man who navigates a world where mental illness is stigmatized to the point of state sanctioned sterilization…but that is just what the citizens are told by their doctors.

Wicked, I know. I’m writing it in a dystopian theme, framed after the style of many books and movies, but we’re all reinventing the wheel, so no shame on my part.

I’m having fun and that’s the point, it’s work if your not having fun, right?

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We publish quips of poetry and comments on other folks in a sprawling world of micro poetry, and if this is your first visit, check out our website and download our first issue of Mouths!

Have a day worth writing about and catch you guys on the flip side.



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