Dowko Update #11

To Be Announced: Mouths Issue #2!!

It’s coming folks. I am excited, you should be too. I don’t have a date nor any sneak peeks at the moment but, this is the surprise I’ve been bubbling over to tell you about. It is going to happen, in the future of course.

Editor Spence and I are contriving the semantics on the new issue, but I have to say it’s going to blast you in the feels.

Now that the good news is out of the way, let’s get on to the update. For those of you who come here for the writing tips.

Writer Tip: Be mindful of your own actions today, translate your actions into poetry.

For those of you who like to follow Dowko: I’m great! I’m looking for a new apartment, I have a new job as a site rater for an online webpage rating company, and I’m doing well with my writing. My short story I am writing is progressing fantastically. I am developing my main character and his attributes, so you fall in love with him before the turmoil of the plot can tear him down.

Editor Spence is doing well, I talked to him long distance the other day, he is living his best life and wants you to know he loves all the readers and fans of the journal.

Speaking of the journal, submissions are open. Please read the guidelines, which can be found in the drop down menu of the main webpage.

Hope all your pantries are fully stocked, the lights and plumbing are paid for this month and you are in tune with your best self.

Until next time,


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