Dowko Update #13

Whelp, I’m back. I guess you would have to have lived under a rock to not be privy to the reality of life that Covid-19 brought the world.

I’m squatting in my sister’s apartment, she is out of town for the week and I’m making sure that the place stays nice, her two cats: Biggles and Squirt are fed and watered, and that the post is brought in and laid on the counter.

Hoping all the readers are well, that your grocery hauls are enormous, there is water to bathe and drink and you have a solid foundation to rest your bed.

Speaking of beds, always invest as much money in your bed as your vehicle. You spend more time in your bed than your car. Unless you work in your vehicle, then you might want to invest in life insurance because it’s dangerous out on the concrete jungle.

One time I came upon a cat in the road, it was a black and brown tabby. It was crossing a residential neighborhood road and as I walked down the sidewalk I noticed a canine, down the other way of the block, leashed, walking beside his master. At that moment, I questioned the value of independence.

Writing Tip:

Before you write your first word, take a deep breathe, and yell as loud as you can.

Then close your eyes, breathe deeply, and exhale the first word in a whisper.

Write about that word.


I’m happy to announce a rebranding of the website!

SMP is the new name of our magazine.

Publishing poetry is still our forte.

Your brother in ink,


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