Dowko Update #14

Thank you for your readership, I personally have a warped relationship with reading because of the mobile devices we use. I could type words on here and when you’re reading a book it’s never gonna let you change the words, no matter how loud one yells at the paper.

I’m working as an essential worker here in the states. Monday thru Friday. It’s important work for the occasion, I hope you all have grocery carts filled to the brim, a roof over your head and most importantly someone you can talk to, and even hug when you need it.

I’m living with Miss Celeste, she is African American, young twenties and has a baby on the way! Samantha is another roommate of mine, she is from Latin America, Peru- map junkies unite! The third roommate is named Bob, but I only ever see him in passing. Late at night, he smiles and waves and retires to his room.

“Good fences make good neighbors”- Robert Frost.

I’m working on a short novel, memoirs of the finest caliber that even Rene Descarte, would ponder if the flame was his own creation or destruction.

The next production of Mouths 2, may be different. But still as floor pounding, bloody raw, swing from the ceiling fan kinda poetry.

I would like you to please take a moment of silence for victims of police and law enforcement brutality around the world. All people of every race, creed and gender should be seen as equal under the justice system. Egalitarian, if you will. Fight the power, not yourself.

Prompt: When outside, listen to the birds and ask yourself why they sing. Then figure out how you can write for a reason a bird would sing.

Till next time,

my loves,


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