Dowko Update #15

Writer Tip-

Make sure your pencil is sharpened to the point you enjoy.

Dear Readers,

Hope your pantry is full! And you are being constructive in your respective communities. We live in interesting times and not only are we expected to follow the laws, but we must fight for the very right to survive under said laws.

I’m well! I have food and shelter and I’ve been working diligently making antibody shipment kits for the Covid-19 situation.

My mother called me independent for the first time in my adult life, I am extremely happy that I’ve arrived at this point in my life and achieved the successfulness that is expected of me from previous generations.

I know I’m awesome! But, other people enjoy releasing their responsibilities unto you, because they are jealous of your freedom. We did not build this human enterprise, but alas, we have the responsibility to maintain it.

My dears, I spent the day in the park the other day and thought of my dream job! Park Watcher!

Just listening to birds and saying hello to people in the park, maybe a jog or a lap around, maybe some fishing or skateboarding. Then, the next day, I go to a different park and do different things and say hello to other, different people!

I have a word I wish for all the readers out there to understand: egalitarianism.

Stay true,


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