dowko 16

Dear readers,

I hope that you have stable living arrangements and food on the table at the end of the day. I’ve been working diligently! Currently I’m employed and living independently and loving every minute of it. I have some great news for all of you. Here at SMP I’m working on a short story creation for you guys to read in lieu of a Mouths Issue 2. It is entitled “Real Estate Ringer” and is written by yours truly.

It will be posted here in the coming months, free for all our readers that like to come and see updates on the SMP. 

In other news, my friend Bill bought a home! I haven’t told you anything about Bill, but his full name is William. Bill likes to pet his dog, Prudence. Prudence is a stocking, young, unruly pit bull and they have been living in a small apartment for the past decade. Bill finally got his hands on the keys to a new home and I’m more than enthused at the glory of this news. By fall they will be living in their new home together 

Here it is, the reason most of you come and read the blog! 

Writer tip:

Sit in the sun. Somewhere in the grass, feel the earth and stability under your body. Close your eyes and feel that security and safety in knowing that the ground is beneath you and that time will not stop and that everything passes as it should. Now, take that energy you created and write about how that makes you feel. Do not worry about the merit of the writing or the meaning behind it. If you make a mistake just continue writing. When you are done, finish the exercise by laying back in the grass and feel the sun on your body and let the energy return back. 

Furthering the better news:

Mr. Editor Spence is still out west, I miss him dearly. He had to retire from SMP, but know that he is still out there working on making the world a better place. He may or may not return here, but it is time for him to work on projects that are important to him. 

Until next time, be good to each other. Help someone who needs it and cheer on those that require a little boost. Give what you can and take what you need. 

Much love,


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