dowko 17

On the subject of Vanity, Fair:

Since the retirement of editor spence, I’ve been writing like a madman on the blog and working diligently on a short story and poetry series for you, my dear readers.

The Real Estate Ringer. Coming soon to the SMP.

I hope you also enjoy the first installment of my newest poetry series: Little Palace, Bigger Face.

Series 2 will drop sometime in the future.

Entitled: Onwards Home.

In other news, I hope you all are writing dreams with liquid and not drowning your sorrows in distractions. Here is an exercise that may help get the creative juices flowing.

Writing Tip

Upend yourself. Flip over on the couch and look out the window or tilt your head back in the chair you are sitting in until your eyes can see the world upside down. Now translate that feeling, the ceiling or sky that was always above you is now below. Write the first thing you would do if there were no limits to reality. Take the piece out of reality. Write your fantasy world.

My friend Bill almost has the keys to his new house! They are settling in for the long term and there are lots of ups and downs through the home buying experience.

I have a new artist friend. Their name is Ted. I’ve become something of a muse, for him. We meet under the moon that every human has looked upon since the dawn of humanity. I have commissioned them to draw a portrait, of myself. Simply because it sounds like a fun thing to do. I will be naked, eating bacon and eggs while laying on a daybed, looking out the window. I’ve never been drawn before and I am excited to witness the results.

I’ve been well, watching the sunrise in the morning and keeping my nose to the grindstone. I pray you all have groceries and are faring well emotionally and financially.

Come back soon, readers.

Till then, catch all the fish.

Always pump your fists.

Say hello to strangers.

Never paint on the face,

they try to sell ya.



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