dowko 18

Happy Summer to you all! I’m happy to announce that I’m out here surviving. I generally have food in my belly and have somewhat of a living arrangement set for the next month or so.

I’ve been working diligently on a new creative process. As I said in my previous post, this has become somewhat of a vanity project so I will just share my thoughts and art with you as well as my dabbling that come about when I write.

As for the Real Estate Ringer. One of my latest short stories to be polished off, I’ll be posting for you fine subscribers very soon. The presentation is being wrapped up by production for your reading pleasure.

Here are a few previews of art pieces in my newest endeavors: painting.

This is an impressionist painting of a corral reef from the perspective of being underwater.

This drawing is a post punk tribute to the chaos of fame.

Here is a link to my digital sketchbook hosted by Etsy.


Mention this code at checkout: Dowko18. I will send you a limited edition digital sketch for free.

As for some poetry:

As I Wait for Morning

I lie on my bedroll,

Waiting for light,

Albeit the moon,

Was shining bright.

As I listened,

Cutting thru,

The milky night,

Came owls in twos.

They chatted of this,

They hooted of that,

I just lay and listened,

With my head on my mat.

They moved along the ridge,

Further and further from me,

Pronouncing the trail’s secrets,

Always keeping them from being seen.

This is why the owl is considered wise,

For the night keeps the day’s promise,

From spilling into the deep blue sky,

For stars cut through dark, never arise.

Stay surviving on this little rock, remember to be grateful and when somebody asks for help, do your best.



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