dowko 19

Welcome back!

Guess I should tell you who to vote for, if American I hope you find this as funny as I do.

Never mind the politics, let’s get to the art.

I want you to imagine a time in your memories whence you remember with angst. Anger even. Then, once you’re ready insert in that memory someone you trust in reality.

Then write a new poem, short or story based on the new imaginative memory you have created.

Real Estate Ringer is in final production. I have to choose the color bow I would like to have on it. It is a gift to all the readers here and a short story I wrote a few years back.

I hope all your stomachs are filled to the brim this upcoming winter. I know that with times like pandemics, elections and civil unrest we all grow to accept the way things are. Please do, choice is an illusion and we are here to love the ones we hold dear and dream of a future while gently guiding the hand of which moves us though time and space.

Please be kind in the face of hate. Love the other side of the line and please do what is beat for you and your kin. If you are able to reach out and help the community, you are blessed in my book.

Keep your Ear to the Ground

Be told, be still. And near the end

you might just hear, your own breathe.

Expect the short story next year. I wish you all the best.

yours, Dowko

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