Dowko 21

Well it’s March Madness and the tulips are coming in, I hope you all found vaccines, and when the sky isn’t raining softly you are walking around wondering what you are gonna make for lunch…tuna? Maybe salami. I’m never sure either.

Falling Petals

I have been writing to my hearts content. Never here, never there; just when the moment strikes, and I’m awares’.

Linear Static

I have a spring time challenge for you lovely people. Write about a subject that inspires a dread, or rather fear. Face it and challenge it. Let it destroy your ability to hate it, anymore. Then have fun with the product. Please don’t toss your laptop in the Rhine… or the Thames for that matter. This project is awesome for all those disposable items we trash everyday. Write it on your Starbucks cup. If your brave you’ll bring it back to the barista for a refill.

Corral Screenshot

Other than this quick update for ya’ll, I’d like to let you know that I’m still ok. I currently live on the fringe. But I have food in my belly and puppies to pet. Things could always be worse.

Have a great spring 2021 and I’ll catch all of you on the flip.

Love Dowko.

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