About The Editors

TJ Dowko once tried to write a poem that was indifferent. The only thing he could come up with was a white page with the title Indifference #1. The rest of the journal is blank. When he isn’t writinIMG_0605g poetry or short stories, Thomas is making a life out of walking around with his eyes just at the horizon, scanning for clues. Other times he hides in the winter and is an avid gamer. Nowadays he hikes around trails and listens to the birds whose song never seems to reach an encore.


Andrew Spence is a broken hurricane of nonsense waiting to crash onto the beach of your boredom. He writes to probe the emotions of the era. A post-modern critic of all things hip, Andrew frequently writes but is rarely published. Often  Andrew pretends to

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make a hobby out of poetry, skateboards, alcohol and book collecting. In reality he knows he wouldn’t be anywhere without his monthly calendar with pictures of basset hounds and late night long-board rides full of self-loathing.