Submission Information & Guide



Thank you to all those who submitted for the first issue of Mouths.


What to submit?

Poetry, Poetry, Poetry! We want poems of every length, style and shape.

Simultaneous submissions are fine! Previously published is not! 

Be sure to let us know if your work is published somewhere else if you simultaneously submit!

How to Submit?

Please email 1-5 poems of any length with the subject line, Poetry Submission to:

INCLUDE: Full Name, Title of your work(s), and  (OPTIONAL) paragraph bio.


We require First Rights, meaning we do not take previously published work. But we will consider poems that were only self-published to blogs, message boards, or social media accounts, like Twitter for example.

Authors  retain all rights to their work,  but we post everything we publish in our Archives section on the website after initial publication release,  so we also require Non-Exclusive Electronic Rights.

By emailing us your work you agree to accept these terms.


There is currently no official Payment.

We are a small press and art collective that is free to the public and operated from our own pockets.

The Publishers are interested in providing live/recorded readings of all published work on the site and are currently still working on the readings from our previously published first issue.

That said, all accepted work will be read aloud by the Publishers and posted to the site or an extension social media account of the site as “payment” to the submitter and for beauty and power of Poetry!

Bare with us while we work out the technical difficulties of completing the recordings.